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Hello there!

Welcome to Belwood Lake Sailing Club

BLSC Executive Group ShotThe Executive of 2014 cut the cake

Welcome to any new members who joined this year!! If you are members or not, we hope you enjoy visiting this, the club's website.

The Club is open for business - docks put in, clubhouse cleaned, water turned on, new lockers available, picnic table set out etc. all thanks to a great turn out on the Opening Day Saturday April 29th. Calum as usual was the first to try his boat on the lake. (This is just like summer in Scotland, he said.) Remember that the water is cold at this time of the year - wear a wetsuit.

Regular membership prices now apply. Memberships are due by May 31st, after which allocated boat spots are up for grabs.

There is still room to sign up for the free First Aid info session Sunday May 28th at 10am, BBQ afterwards at noon. Email Supply Captain. All members welcome.

REMEMBER NOT TO SPEED ON THE COTTAGE ROAD. Keep to the posted 25km/hr speed limit. There are children playing, our neighbours out strolling or walking their dogs, and the odd golf cart and bicycle.

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Great place to start looking if you don't already have a boat, or want a different one



Need to get hold of one of the executive or understand key responsibilities?.


our team

The club is run by everyone, not just the Executive!! Each member completes maintenance duties during an assigned week, there are ad hoc committees struck to look into specific ways of improving the club, and working parties are assembled to complete one off jobs like fixing something broken or create something new. Ideas are welcomed at any time!!