Opening Work Party, First Aid (Defibrillator) Training and Open House/Boat Sale

The Opening Work Party this year will be held on Saturday April 28th starting at 9am. Bring work gloves, boots, rakes, and anything else you need to help put the docks in, clean up the site, spread out the tables. Coffee and cookies will be ready at 9am. Lunch will be provided - please bring a salad or a dessert.After the work and lunch are done, there will be a first aid session focussing on the new AED (defibrillator).
One week later, on Saturday 5th May, there will be a boat sale for the various craft that the executive has available. If you wish to include your boat in the sale, please contact someone on the executive to let them know. The sale will be held between 1pm and 3pm. This will also be an open house so if you know anyone interested in joining the club, suggest they come along.

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