Labour Day Weekend

The Mirrors visited us this weekend for their Single Handed regatta on Saturday, for which 6 boats sailed four races in light winds. Mirror Single Handeds That evening they held their AGM and followed it with a pot luck supper. They had planned their Provincials for Sunday but all morning the winds were non existent except for a few little gusts, so those races were cancelled. When our club turned up for Sunday racing, PRO Bill saw the situation and decided not to bother putting any marks out. No-one was very upset at this. Instead we got some work done - the launching dock augers were removed ready for storage of the sections and the ramp (the end is now above the water line) measured and painted with number of feet from the endMarking ramp with feet to end

Painting ramp - and a good deal of chatting was done. Four Mirrors took some kids out and found some light winds, and three members of BLSC took their committee boat Charger out to take pictures of them and recover the Mirror marks.
Several members took out canoes and kayaks.
Once again, the Mirrors thank BLSC for welcoming them to our clubsite. Here are some more photos of their races.
Four Mirrors

Two Mirrors

One Mirror

Heading to the mark

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