Social Events


There are two General Meetings a year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. Although their main purpose is to conduct the business of the club, they offer a good time to socialize with fellow members, especially the Spring one when there have been no get-togethers since the Fall.

Other regular annual events are the Club Opening and the Club Closing work parties where all members are encouraged to come to the club to get it ready for a new season or put it to bed for the winter, respectively. These work parties are very social times, during the actual working but also when the lunch is served. This is usually a good chili with potluck offerings brought by members.

In 2014 we began what we hoped would become a popular Sailpast and Lunch in June on a regular racing Sunday. However, after two years of poor weather this has been dropped in favour of more BBQs after events and a Meet the New Members Wine and Cheese.

An annual practice has been for the racers to celebrate the longest day on the nearest Wednesday racing evening with a barbecue following the racing. This is organized by the racers themselves.

The Commodore's Cup has always had a dinner of some sort (BBQ, pig roast for example) afterwards. All members are welcome.

Other Social Events are planned by the Social Captain so watch the schedule to see what is coming up. If you have any ideas for other social events, contact the Social Captain.