What boat to buy

What boat to buy? That's a very personal question. You have to ask yourself how much can you afford?  For racing, cruising, or pottering around? For singlehanding, with a crew, for a whole family? Lightweight skipper or heavier? Monohull or catamaran or trimaran? One sail or main jib and spinnaker? New or used? Fast and tippy or slower and more forgiving? The club has many different classes of boats represented so a walk around the clubsite and talking with some of the owners will give you some ideas and insights. Watch the races and talk to the racers, talk to the weekend and evening cruisers, talk to those who take out their kids on a hot summer's afternoon. Most boat owners are very happy to explain what they like about what they sail.

There is a plethora of information on the Internet and books galore, we hesitate to recommend any particular website or author.

Remember the club has a boat length limit of 21ft or 6.4m and you must have a parking spot already assigned before leaving a boat at the club.