Canoes and Kayaks

Many members own canoes and kayaks, craft that can be used when there is little or no wind to fill the sails. At those times, and especially in the evenings, it is quiet and peaceful exploring the backwaters of Nursery Bay behind the club or paddling along the shoreline checking out the cottages.  Note that even though the outlet from the dam is well below the surface, it would be prudent not to go anywhere near the dam!!

From 2018, storage of canoes and kayaks will be charged at $25 each, and for this, racks have been made available to which the craft may be locked and up off the ground. The two new wooden canoe/kayak racks are installed and boats are going on the racks. We ask all members to ensure that if they have a canoe or kayak at the club that it is not on the grass - this greatly helps all members with grass cutting and keeps the club grounds looking great.  The racks are behind the clubhouse near the back beach and near the lake at the front of the club.Each canoe and kayak must have the member's ID on it, preferably near the stern on the starboard (right) side.

Indoor storage of canoes and kayaks is available for 8 boats at an additional fee. There are currently 2 available indoor spots available. Please contact the Membership Captain if interested.