Sailing at BLSC

Belwood Lake …..the Water

Belwood Lake is a Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) managed water resource located 5.0km (3.0 miles) East of Fergus, Ontario. It is located off County Road 18 on the way to Orangeville.
It measures 7.85km (4.88 miles) from the Shand Dam to the Belwood Bridge (County Road 26) and is 1.98km (1.23 miles) at its widest.
The maximum depth of the lake in early April is close to 21m (70ft). As the season progresses the water level drops uniformly through out the season by close to 9m (30 feet) by early December. The current depth of the lake can be found at this link. The sailing season starts in mid April and continues to mid September and during that period the water level drops by close to 6m (20 feet).
The depth contour map highlights the slope of the lake from the shore. The lake bottom is generally firm with small rocks covered with lake sand and mud.
The Belwood Lake Sailing Club is located on a 4 acre site on a peninsula on the East shore. The club is roughly 0.8km (0.5 miles) from the Shand Dam and the width of the lake at that point 0.65km (0.4 miles).
The wind is predominantly from the West but varies widely throughout the season.
It is a glorious stretch of of water fulfilling the challenges of inland lake sailing and racing.