Wellington Cup

The Wellington Cup is a three-club one day regatta usually held on a Sunday afternoon in June each year. Last year it was held at Guelph Community Boating Club on Sunday June 23rd. This year, 2020, it has been cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

Recent History

In 2019 it was held at GCBC. For results and a write up click HERE.
In 2018 the Wellington Cup was held at CONESTOGO SAILING CLUB on Sunday, July 29th, having been postponed from Sunday July 22nd and originally June 24th both due to the weather. It was to have been at Guelph but instead we participated in Conestogo's Three Arms Race, scheduled for this date. For results and a write up, click HERE.The participating clubs are our own, the Guelph Community Boating Club and the Conestogo Sailing Club. The host club rotates annually - in 2014, BLSC held the event, in 2015 it was Guelph's turn, and in 2016 it was held at Conestogo. A write up and pictures of the 2016 regatta can be found at this link.
Here are the 2017 results.
Here are the 2016 results.
Here are the 2015 RESULTS and a write up.



Scoring is as per Wellington Cup Deed of Gift (2010)

Individual Trophy

Olympic Low Point system will be used with one point for each position (i.e. 1st = 1, 2nd = 2, etc.) Portsmouth ratings will be used to calculate finishing times so different classes of boats may compete in the same race. The crew of the boat with the lowest overall score will be awarded the trophy. In the event of a tie, Racing Rules A8.1, 8.2 and 8.3 will be invoked to break it.

Team Trophy

Scoring will be a combination of results and number of competitors. A minimum of three boats per club must register for that club to be included in the scoring. If no club has three or more boats registered, the Team Trophy will not be awarded.*** The average score will be calculated for each club by adding the points for each boat and dividing by the number of boats. For each boat participating, one point will be deducted from the overall score. In the event of a tie, the club whose boats beat the greater number of boats from the next closest club would be the winner. If there is still a tie after this, the head to head results of the last race will be used. If still tied, a coin will be flipped to determine a winner!
*** Added May 2017 by BLSC

History of the Wellington Cup

The idea of a competition between our club and the Guelph Community Boating Club began in the early '90s. A cup was donated/procured and the first regatta was held in 1992 at the GCBC site on Guelph Lake. After that it was held alternatively at each site, normally in June on a Sunday afternoon, until Conestogo Sailing Club joined in 2007 after which it has rotated between the three clubs.

The host club provides the race committee and protest committee, and the racing is followed by the results and a BBQ for all competitors, volunteers, and supporterss. The first three winners are awarded prizes and the first place boat gets to keep the trophy for the year.

In 1999 it was decided to add a Team Trophy to the regatta, to be won by the team winning the most number of points according to a formula. From 2017 the rule was added that the team trophy would only be awarded to a team with at least 3 boats in the competition. Unfortunately this trophy has recently gone missing.

The Wellington Cup has been sailed every year since 1992, until 2020 when it had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Year Date Held Club Hosting Wellington Cup Trophy Winner(s) From Boat Class Team Trophy Winners
1992Aug 9thGCBCJim & Nancy CarrollBLSCLaser 2
1993June 27thBLSCJim & Nancy CarrollBLSCLaser 2
1994June 26thGCBCDuncan HumeGCBCHobie 18
1995July 9thBLSCJim & Nancy CarrollBLSCLaser 2
1996Aug 18thGCBCJim & Nancy CarrollBLSCLaser 2
1997June 15thBLSC
1998June 14thGCBCJim & Nancy CarrollBLSCLaser 2
1999June 13thBLSCName?GCBC505BLSC
2000June 18thGCBCDave Maarse?BLSCAlbacore?GCBC
2001June 10thBLSCMichael HullGCBCMirrorGCBC
2002June 30thGCBCName?GCBC?GCBC
2003June 6thBLSCJim & Nancy CarrollBLSCLaser 2GCBC
2004June 20thGCBCJim & Nancy CarrollBLSCLaser 2GCBC
2005June 19thBLSCRichard & Lisa KingBLSCY FlyerBLSC
2006June 25thGCBC??GCBC??GCBC
2007??CSCHarri Palm & Molly KurvinkGCBCSnipeBLSC
2012June 24thGCBC????????
20157th JuneGCBCMike BibbyGCBCHobie 17GCBC
2016June 12thCSCHarri PalmGCBCSnipeGCBC
2017June 11thBLSCMike BibbyBLSCHobie 17BLSC
2018July 29thCSCWarren & Olivia FlanneryBLSCY FlyerBLSC
2019??GCBCHarri Palm & AndreaGCBCSnipeGCBC
2020Cancelleddue toCOVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions