Wellington Cup 2016

The winds were strong with even stronger gusts on Sunday June 12th 2016 so a reduced BLSC team of Colin, Chris, Calum and Mike braved the waters of Conestogo Lake for the 2016 running of the Wellington Cup. Calum had to retire as his vang failed so that left the other three to challenge the Conestogo and Guelph Lake sailors. Only two races were sailed as the competitors were too exhausted to sail a third. Harri Palm of Guelph Community Boating Club won the regatta and that club also won the Team trophy. Our Mike was second and our Chris and Colin were tie third. (Perhaps there should be a revision of the calculation for the team trophy for example that it can only be won by teams of three of more. Guelph won with only one boat entering.) The Conestogo people treated the participants to hamburgers afterwards. Well done everyone!
The Wellington Advertiser featured the event in their Friday, 1st July 2016 edition on page fifteen and online.

Click here for the final results and a description of the Wellington Cup. Meanwhile, enjoy these photos, all taken by Andy.

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4 Responses

  1. I received third as I placed second and fourth for 6 points, and Chris has two thirds for 6 points. I had a higher placing in the two races.
    • Margaret Hull
      The rule (A8.3) is clear when there is a tie, that the boat which placed higher in the last race gets the higher place. In this case Chris came 3rd in the second race and Colin came 4th so Chris has overall 3rd place and Colin 4th.
      • I thought rule 8.1 would be the deciding factor before. Alright thanks!
        • Margaret Hull
          Colin - you are right and I jumped to the wrong rule first. Rule A8.1 would be applied before Rules A8.2 and A8.3 so as your best score (2) is higher than Chris's (3), then the tie is broken in your favour. Is this the way it still stands according to CSC? But well done both of you.

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