Wellington Cup 2015 – Highlights

This year it was the turn of the Guelph Community Boating Club to hold the annual Wellington Cup regatta on 7th June at Guelph Lake. There were four boats with Belwood Lake Sailing Club sailors and seven from Guelph. Unfortunately none from Conestogo Sailing Club.

It was a lovely sunny day, we couldn't have asked for any better weather.  We had a good show from Belwood with the racing flotilla consisting of the Kings in their snazzy purple and green Y Flyer, Ed & Jacob Hone borrowing one of GCBC's Snipes, Christopher Z sailing a Laser (Thank you Andy for lending his sail and sheets at the last moment) and finally Calum in his speedy Phantom.

Belwood put on a good effort and even beat Guelph to one spot on the podium so all in all was fun for all.  The wind was interesting, it would go from light to near gale force wind between legs which made it scary fun on the downwind legs for the Lasers.  We were aiming for 5 races but only got 4 as the last race was called off due to highwinds and at that point everyone was very wet or tired.

Photos of the event can be found here.

Update: Short Google Photo Story of Event

Races results as follows:

1st Mike Bibby, Hobie 17, GCBC

2nd Richard & Colin King, Y Flyer, BLSC

3rd Harri Palm & Molly Kurvink, Snipe, GCBC

4th Calum MacKellar, Phantom, BLSC

5th Julian & Oliver Inglis, Snipe, GCBC

6th Simon Milley, Laser, GCBC

7th Ed & Jacob Hone, Snipe, BLSC

8th Chris Zimmermann, Laser, BLSC

9th Marcel Schlaf & John Farley, Snipe, GCBC

10th Mike Weiss & John Booth, Snipe, GCBC

11th Owen & Daniel Durocher, Snipe, GCBC

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  1. Congratulations to Richard, Colin, Calum, Ed, Jacob and Chris!!! Great job representing our club. Thank you!

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