Visiting Fleets

The club welcomes visiting fleets who wish to hold regattas at our site. The procedure for requesting such an event is to have a club member fill out a Group Visit form and get it signed by the VC Fleet Captain if he/she approves. Our Bylaws and Regulations restrict such events from outside groups to five per year not including the Wellington Cup so the request should be made early. The event will be listed on our schedule.At BLSC we have always welcomed visiting groups to share our great sailing and club facilities. At the same time we recognize the need to limit the number of group visits and ensure that that members are not unduly affected.

With this in mind we have formalized the procedure for hosting group visits using a “Request For Group Visit” form. A group is defined as more than one visiting boat or family for a day or more and includes family gatherings, camping and regattas. The Informed Consent Form must also be filled in and sent to the VC Fleet at the same time.

The objectives of the procedure is as follows:

  1. to limit the visiting groups to a manageable number – our club rules already limit
    the number of regattas to five per year.
  2. to ensure that the visits do not clash with each other or with club events.
  3. to collect an appropriate financial contribution towards club expenses.
  4. and to ensure that visitors are aware of and follow club rules.

To offset club expenses, a daily fee of $15 per boat will be charged. The fee includes camping. The fee for camping without a boat will be $15 per family per night. No fee will be charged for day visitors without boats.

Every visiting group must be invited by a club member who becomes the club host for the visit. The club host will complete the Group Visit request form and obtain approval from the VC Fleet Captain.

Regattas have the biggest impact on other club activities and should be planned in advance so that they are included in the schedule issued at the beginning of April each year.