Race and PRO schedule

Bill and Al sign up for the races

2018 PRO Schedule for September.

Disclaimer - efforts are made to keep this list up to date but there may have been changes not recorded. The copy in the clubhouse is to be considered the current version, else contact the Race Captain. The schedule shown is for September 2018 only.

In order to participate in Wednesday or Sunday race series, each skipper and crew is expected to run one event or possibly two depending on the number of sailors taking part each season.

Duties of PRO:

  1. Organise crew to push out docks as necessary
  2. Setup racecourse buoys and retrieve after event.
  3. Manage Count Down sequence and flags
  4. Record Time for each boat on paper sheet and, as time allows, on computer spreadsheet
  5. Make decision if race is to be cancelled due to weather for safety reasons (high wind, lightning, or lack of participants)

To see the current PRO schedule, click on the link at the top of this page. If you cannot be the PRO on a date you have been allocated, or you are not on the list and you want to run the races one day, please email the Race Captain before 6pm Sunday April 29th.  After that it is up to you to change with someone and let the Race Captain know. NOTE: If you sail Wed & Sundays you are obligated to run one of each events.

FYI: There usually is a fantastic crew (the "top of the hill" gang) that is very helpful and would show you the ropes and do take Tim Horton bribes... just saying 🙂