Latest Results

2018 Season

Final Results of Wednesday and Sunday races.

Trophies Awarded at Fall General Meeting

Brian Searle Trophy for Excellent Work towards the Racing Program: Richard King
Most Improved Racer: Brian Lee
Wednesday Racing: Mike Bibby
Mike with his keeper trophy presented by Frances and Denis Mike shows off his trophy with him and his boat engraved on it.
Sunday Racing: Calum McKellar
Calum shows off his keeper trophy with Frances and Denis.
Commodore's Cup: Al Sullivan

Sunday 16th September 2018 Results

We had a nice final race day at the club with a BBQ following three races in light winds out on the lake. Thanks to Colin and Richard for running them from the boat towards the dam where they found some wind. This was the last for points racing, but Colin will be on the water for casual racing at 2PM next Sunday the 23rd, for fun only. Wednesday racing ended last week. He will continue to offer racing at 2PM on Sundays until the beginning of October depending on the weather.

Wednesday 12th September 2018 Results

Sailing at Sunset

This was our last Wednesday night racing, and we managed to fit 3 races in before we ran out of light and repaired to the clubhouse for burgers and hotdogs. Thanks to Colin and Richard for running the races from the middle of the lake where there was some wind. Race Captain Colin would like to invite the racing group to continue racing on Sunday afternoons at 2PM as part of an unofficial race series extension. The 16th will be the last official race day for collecting series points towards the Wednesday and Sunday Cups, but he would be happy to run races out in the middle of the lake until he needs to wear a scarf. Thanks Frances for the nice photo.
Let's sail into October!

Sunday 9th September 2018 Results
Very strong winds kept many sailors away, there were only 3 racers. Well done the two Chris's for finishing both races. Did Calum have a boat malfunction? Thanks to Ed and Richard for running the races.

Wednesday 5th September 2018 Results
Thanks to Brian Lee for PROing this evening.

Sunday 2nd Sept 2018 Results

Colin and Marla in their I-14

Thanks for running the show on the long weekend Brian! We hope everyone who came out enjoyed using the club along with the Mirror group.
Photo taken by Richard King. After fixing some rudder issues, Marla and Colin took their newly acquired International 14 for a quick-paced sail on the lake.

Wednesday 29th August 2018 Results.

Thank you Chris Z. and Bill S. for preparing a classic Wednesday late night BBQ corn dinner after racing, and to Al M., Barrie A., and Bill S. for running the regatta. Photo by Frances.

Season To Date RESULTS. These give the results for both the Wednesday and Sunday series, with average places for each competitor up to 19th August.

Commodore's Cup Sunday 26th August 2018 Results
Thank you everyone for a great day on and off the water. If you see any issues with this data or any other, please let me know. Food was great, weather was perfect …. and lots of fun by all. Al Sullivan won the event, Calum was second, and Richard was third .. a fitting top three. See more photos at Comm. Cup Gallery, and for more details, see the Commodore's Cup post.

Wednesday 22nd August 2018 Results

Shelley Amanda and Barrie at the Race Desk

Very few sailors attended Wednesday's regatta this week. Those who raced must have had fun in 18-22km/h winds. Thanks Commodore Denis for the photo.

Sunday 19th August 2018 Results

Waiting to Launch

Paddling back

Another drifting afternoon of racing. Both photos taken by Andy.

Wednesday 15th August 2018 Results

Waiting to Launch

14 sailboats boats were out on the water last night! We had fantastic steady, medium strength winds to have some really good racing out in the bay. Sailing past the island earlier in the evening looked exciting from the motorboat. I was glad to see a lot of smiles out there. We had very close racing with both sides of the course being unfavoured for the most part. Thanks Frances for the photo.

Sunday 12th August 2018 Results

Wednesday 8th August 2018 Results

Sunday 5th August 2018 Results Nine boats raced on Sunday. Congratulations to Jonathan and Margaret for their win after three long races were held. Thank you for the challenging races Calum.

Wednesday 1st August 2018 Results

The Start

We had eight boats out racing last night. Awesome! I'm sure we could have more out, but this summer has been very busy for a lot of us. Unfortunately we can't be sailing all of the time.

Sunday 29th July 2018 Wellington Cup Results
We had a successful Wellington Cup at Conestoga Lake. Our own Warren F. and Olivia won the regatta, and our team of BLSC sailors of Chris Z, Mike B, Colin K with Marla B. accompanied them to win the team trophy!
The Wellington Cup location was moved to Conestoga Sailing Club, but was started earlier. The skipper's/Competitor's meeting was be at 11:30 AM. The Cup was held in conjunction with Conestoga's "All Arms Race". We had two roughly 40 minute races, and a break in between (bring a sandwich or something). Then the All Arms race started at 2PM, which was a pursuit race much like what we used to have at Belwood for a few years. The cutoff for the pursuit race was 4PM. There was a BBQ following the pursuit race.

No racing was held at the club on the day of the Wellington Cup.

Wednesday 25th July 2018 Results.

Chris S and Andy

The above photo was taken by Frances on July 22nd.
Thanks to our Commodore Denis Neumann for stepping in as the race officer for last night's races. The winds were great, and three races were carried out. Hopefully we have good wind on Sunday at Conestoga Lake. No racing Sunday at Belwood. It's all happening at Conestogo where the Wellington Cup is to be held. Skippers Meeting at 11:30am. The scheduled race officer for Wednesday August 1st is Michael Allore.

Sunday July 22nd 2018 Results.

Slow Sailing in misty conditions

I hope the above photo from the day shows how the conditions were on Sunday! Slow and patchy wind with some misty drizzle. NOTE: John Butt did not actually take 36 hours to complete the first race, but he did come in 4th.

Wednesday July 18th 2018 Results.

Sunday July 15th 2018 Results.

Chris and Brian

Four boats were left to float around in the Belwood lake washing machine today (thanks to the power boats for mixing up the water and scum). Thanks to PRO Al Madden and helpers Reg and Barrie.

Wednesday July 11th 2018 Results.
From Frances:
We had good winds for the 10 boats racing but lost an anchor to a buoy - it's at the bottom of the lake. We did save the buoy from going over the dam, barely. So in case you are keeping count that's 2 anchors and 1 buoy lost racing since July 1st. At this rate racing will be out of marks very soon. We raced AB tonight. Also had some great ice cream cones and popsicles at the picnic tables as the sun set on a great sunny day. Thanks to PRO Al Madden and helpers Reg, Deb and Sarah. HERE are some photos taken by Jonathan.
From Colin:
I will bring some new buoy anchor line and two new paint can anchors for Sunday racing.

Sunday 8th July 2018 Results

Two Committee Boats at dock

We had some great racing at the lake today! Thanks to Barrie and Reg for running the races.
As a reminder, if you see a fellow sailor having difficulty out on the water, please confirm that they are okay. If the fellow sailor is in need of assistance, their well being takes priority over racing in the club regatta. Please notify the race committee and others on shore by hailing or using 3 short blasts on your whistle to signal distress.
Also, only those with a PCOC (Pleasure Craft Operator Card, obtainable online for a fee at among other sites) should operate the committee/safety/rescue boats. If you are scheduled as the PRO and you do not have your PCOC, please ask someone in the racing group to assist you when running the club motor boats.

Wednesday 4th July 2018. No racing due to lack of wind.

Sunday 1st July 2018 Results.

Ice Sailing

Thank you Jim Carroll for stepping in as PRO last Sunday. We lost one mark (it sank) and another drifted from A almost over to B but Jim reset it quickly. I (Colin) have been out of the country for the past week, and I apologize for the delay in emailing the race results. [He was busy winning the Y Flyer International.] The above photo was taken on an iceboat while sailing at Guelph Lake a few years ago. Enjoy the the summer heat as winter will be here soon!

Wednesday 27th June. Racing cancelled due to cool rainy weather.

Sunday 24th June Wellington Cup at GCBC POSTPONED to 22nd July

Wednesday 20th June Results

Frances takes over Betty's Sunfish

A special thanks goes out to Al Sullivan for hosting another satisfying Summer Solstice BBQ on Wednesday night for the racing group, and for laying out a nice race course.

Sunday 17th June Results

John in his Force 5

Congratulations to Ed Hone and Andreas for winning the regatta on Sunday! We had 13 boats racing at the club on Father's day, and had a nice BBQ afterward.

Wednesday 13th June. Racing was cancelled due to high winds.

Sunday 10th June Results

We had similar conditions at the lake today to the above photo which made for some very fast reaching conditions! Thank you to Alan Morgan and Alec Calder for setting a great course, and running three long races today.

Wednesday 6th June Results

We had three fun races tonight at the club! The air was cool, but the wind was holding steady around 10 to 15km/h. We had a last minute wind shift before the first race, which caused the race committee to switch the A and B marks. Thank you PRO Margaret and Assistant Bill for running the show. Race Captain Colin is looking for more BLSC racing photos to use for the top of the emails. If you would like your photo(s) to be featured, send photos to Racing.
On another note, some of you may have noticed that our iStart automated horn box has been either acting up, or not working at all. Colin has determined that the charging cord is damaged and needs to be replaced. Until the new cord arrives, please use the stop watches and the siren (which has new batteries in it now).

Sunday 3rd June Results

Start Line on the Water

Today's racing was interesting to say the least. Starting at 1:30, we carried out a brief discussion on how to set a proper race course, and how to run a club race. I explained that in order to make a good race course, a water based start using the committee boat is the best option although it is not always possible due to the lack of volunteers. We ran three races today. The first race was carried out in Nursery Bay (around the corner), and the final two race were moved out to the mouth of the bay and rotated 90 degrees due to the drastic wind shifts. The key to setting a proper race course is having the wind cooperate, instead of swinging 80 to 90 degrees. Sadly, the wind did not play in our favour today. Thanks to PRO Colin and assistant Al M. in the committee boat, and to Paul and Bruce in the zodiac.
REMINDER: June 24th is the Wellington Cup at Guelph Community Boating Club. There will be no racing at BLSC that day as I would like to have more racers represent our club at the Guelph regatta.
Today's photo was taken by Frances N. Thank you!

Wednesday 30th May Results

The wind was puffy, and the mosquitoes were out in full force. Thanks to PRO Bill Schmidt and helper Al Morgan. Hopefully the conditions are better for Sunday. This Sunday is PRO training day! Come out for some basic race course setting tips and learn general expectations for 2018 PRO's starting at 1:30PM.

Sunday 27th May Results.

We had yet another lovely day of sailing at the lake. There were ten boats racing in ever changing winds, along with other members out for an afternoon cruise. Don't forget that June 3rd is PRO training day. Come out for some basic race course setting tips and learn general expectations for 2018 PRO's starting at 1:30PM. Thanks to PRO Margaret and assistant Sandy (they first had to rescue a boat whose painter had snapped) and to Alec for launching the rescue boat and Al Morgan for retrieving it.

Wednesday May 23rd Results.

We had a beautiful summer evening with the winds gradually tapering off as the racing progressed, says PRO Alec. Al Morgan and Alec Calder struggled to get the race started on time as they were diverted by towing a semi-submerged dinghy back to the beach. Once underway, the field of five boats completed the course in relatively similar times. A third race was not attempted due to calm conditions. Congratulations Chris Shaw on another regatta victory! There will be a Y-Flyer out on Sunday to challenge you Chris. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Sunday May 20th Results.

We had a wonderful day of racing today at Belwood! The races were run in the corner of the main bay area as to avoid some of the long-weekend motorboat traffic. With the assistance of Richard King and Marla, we [PRO Colin} were able to have both of the safety boats out on the water. We ran three races with a triangle-windward-leeward, windward-leeward-windward finish, and a quick windward with a downwind finish to cap off the day. The weather played nice with a steady breeze and cloudy skies with a bit of sun for the whole afternoon. I highlighted the corrected times in the second race for Alec and Margaret in a Wayfarer and Chris Zimmermann in a Laser because I wanted to point out that Chris put in extra effort and hiked hard in his Laser at the last minute to beat Alec by 1/10th of a second. Every little bit counts while racing a dinghy! Photos taken by Richard can be seen at THIS POST.

Wednesday May 16th Results. Thanks to Al Morgan for PROing this evening’s very slow races. Only two finished the second race.

Sunday May 13th Results. Thanks again to Al Sullivan for running the races on the Mothers Day boating drift off. Thank you Sandy Jacob for assisting the PRO during the Sunday racing this month. I would like to have a PRO assistant for every race night in 2018 if possible, as it this will help to increase the safety factor for people out on the water.

Wednesday May 9th results. Thanks to Al Sullivan our PRO who managed to run three races before the sun started to set. Hopefully we will see more than three boats on the start line soon. Al S. will be our PRO on Sunday, and will be assisted by Sandy. Sunday is Mother's Day! We will have jazz music and a BBQ at the club to celebrate this special day.
If you have any questions about the posted results or other inquiries about racing at Belwood, please contact Colin the Race Captain.

Sunday May 6th, 2018 Only three valiant sailors turned up for the first Sunday racing of 2018. Alec, aided by Sandy, managed to get in two races before the rain began.

2017 Season

The trophies for the 2017 season were given out at the Fall General Meeting on October 22nd. Congratulations to the winners and the runners up who were:
Commodore's Cup - Denis Neumann and Shelley Allan; 2nd Calum MacKellar; 3rd Al Sullivan
Sunday Series - Calum MacKellar; 2nd Colin and Richard King; 3rd Al Sullivan
Wednesday Series - Chris Shaw; 2nd Mike Bibby; 3rd Andy Blackmore
Junior Trophy - Sophia Ruffolo, for skill and determination competing with the Senior Racers
Most Improved - Jacob Hone
Brian Searle - Al Morgan
Here is the SUNDAY regatta summary and here is the WEDNESDAY regatta summary. See Brian if you have any questions.

Sunday September 17th 2017 Results. Thanks to Barry Abraham, our PRO for the last races of the season. The beat and run were switched as the first and third legs respectively which made for an interesting start for the 6 boats competing on the day. All at the club enjoyed burgers and hot dogs ably cooked by Al Sullivan. On behalf of all the racers: Many Thanks to Frances for being there to support the racing activities and also all of the executive for their support in so many ways. On reflection we made the most of the weather conditions this year which seemed to favour extremes i.e. no wind or too much wind and very little in the medium range. See you at the Fall AGM for the Trophy presentations, and before at the Club Closing on Saturday, Sept 30th. Have fun sailing whenever you can, Best Brian your Racing Captain.
Wednesday September 13th 2017. There was no wind so PRO Colin canceled the racing. The final Wednesday BBQ followed.
Sunday September 10th 2017 Results. Thanks to Calum Mackellar, our PRO on a day that yielded light to no air at times. Having said that we managed three races that were frequently blessed with little to no air at times, especially approaching the start line and finish line.
Wednesday September 6th 2017 Results. Thanks to Mike Allore for running the races on what turned out to be a cool September evening with light air from the North West. The threat of a thunderstorm lingered in the sky as the sun set in the distance on the penultimate Wednesday race of the season.
Sunday September 3rd 2017 Results. Thanks to Bill Downes and Al Morgan, the PROs for the day. The unconventional course was set with a close reach on the first leg followed by a beat to weather, a run and close reach to the finish. The wind and waves from A to B and the run back to C proved to be a challenge with frequent heavy gusts. Not conditions for the faint hearted.
Wednesday August 30th 2017 Results. Thanks To Ed Hone and Richard King for setting a course in the wind up towards the island. The second race was more than we bargained for!! at least for me! (By 'me', can we assume our esteemed Race Captain Brian?)
Sunday August 27th 2017 - The Commodore's Cup. A great turn out for the Commodore's Cup regatta today - 17 boats on the start lines. Thanks to Chris Zimmermann for setting the course and Glenna and Paul Ruffolo for running the races. Well done Sophia for turning up for the Junior Regatta which didn't happen as there were no other juniors. Then she entered the Senior races!! Many members came out for the delicious chicken BBQ catered by Fergies of Fergus. Commodore Ed presented the cup to the winners Denis Neumann and Shelley Allan. Enjoy a gallery of photos by clicking HERE.
Wednesday August 23rd 2017 Results. Thanks to Alec Calder and Margaret Hull for taking up the PRO job between them. And to Alec for using his truck again to push the docks out (it nearly got stuck in the mud) and providing the corn, and to Chris Z for cooking it. A unpromising start to the evening with white caps and a cold wind from the NW but it didn't deter 9 boats from competing. Nice to see Nancy B again after a long time. Sunset now at 8:10 - we must try and start right on time for the few Wednesdays that are left.
Sunday 20th August 2017 Results. Thanks to Al Morgan and Sandy Jacob for expertly looking after the PRO duties for the day, best written report for the season!!
Wednesday 16th August 2017 Results. A special night on the water as we welcomed Sophia to the racing fraternity. She joined the racers at 11 years old which means she has 77 years to catch up with Al Morgan at 88. Both raced tonight and afterwards enjoyed a cob of corn. Well done both of you.

Sophia and Al, 11 and 88.

Sunday 13th August 2017 Results. Some fluky winds today … credit for those that mastered them ... special credit goes to Chris Shaw who won the first two races … not sure what happened in the third!!! Special thanks to Reg B. who kindly stepped in to run the races today and to Chris Z. for setting a challenging course.
Wednesday August 9th 2017 Results. A fun day on the water and as usual a wonderful corn roast a la Chris Z.
Sunday August 6th 2017 Results. Thanks to Andy Blackmore for being our PRO for the day, setting a triangular course that proved to be a fine challenge on many fronts!

Wednesday August 2nd 2017 Results. Thanks to Richard and Colin King for venturing out on the course to create a mid lake start line on an evening that provided light air at best for the 2 races.
Sunday July 30th 2017 Results. Thanks to PRO Al Sullivan for running the races even though he has done his fair share this season. Three fun races in good winds on the first real hot day of this summer, bringing all the sea-doos and motor boats out.
Wednesday July 26th 2017 Results. Thanks to Andy Blackmore for running the races on a rainy day with light air which pretty much died in the second race.
Sunday July 23rd 2017 Results. Thanks to PRO Reg Bunt for running the races on an overcast afternoon with light and very variable wind shifts which caused numerous minor infractions on the course.
Wednesday July 19th 2017 Results. Thanks to Bill Schmidt and Al Morgan for running the races this Wednesday, a beautiful night for sailing with testing north winds gusting to 30 kph. An eventful night for my daughter Sarah as she exited the boat on the approach to the weather mark when the hiking strap let go! She managed to get back in over the gunnel as I grappled with the helm and main sheet. We lost a lot of ground but still finished the race respectably, given this and our competition on the night.
Sunday July 16th Results. Despite threats of rain PRO Al Morgan sent us on an ABC (40 minute) then an AC (20 min) race in low winds. We just started a third when distant thunder sent us scurrying back in light rain.
Wednesday July 12th 2017 Results
Sunday July 9th, 2017 Results.
Wednesday July 5th, 2017 Results. For pictures of this evening's racing, click HERE.
Sunday July 2, 2017 Results. Strong winds with gusts so only the experts ventured out. In the absence of the scheduled PRO, Alec Calder stepped into the job. There was an ABC course, ABCAB, then back to ABC. A few capsizes notably Chris S in the third race which gave him a DNF. Note - Jonathan came in after the first race to fix a loose rudder then started the second race on the second start. Technically this is not allowed - boats have five minutes from their start gun to cross the start line else they are given a DNS. However, as this rule is not generally known, nor the fact that you can't start with another group, we scored them anyway. Afterwards we helped finish up the food left over from the Canada Day BBQ by enjoying hot dogs and hamburgers etc. For pictures, click HERE.
Wednesday June 28th Results. 10 boats raced this evening in interesting winds with strong gusts that some people decided were a bit too much. Great fun. PRO Margaret thanks the helpers - Bill, Reg, Chris S., and Jonathan. Also all those who pushed out the long dock with great difficulty due to something twisted underneath. This is soon to be remedied with a new ramp.
Here are some pictures of Don Lomax's Spindrift afloat again. It has been taken over by new member Steve - welcome Steve!!

Sunday June 25th. Racing cancelled due to strong winds and threat of thunderstorms. Note that the high water of last Friday (flooding up to and around the race desk) has receded. No boats were affected by the high water.

Wednesday June 21st Results. Light winds with strong gusts diminished somewhat over the evening. PRO Jonathan set an ABC course which we sailed twice, then for the third we did just AB. Cool evening with pretty sunset. Chef Al Sullivan provided us with our annual racing Solstice BBQ which we enjoyed on the deck until the mozzies and the declining light sent us home. Thank Al!! The nights draw in from now on, less time for evening sailing so we'll have to start on time to make the most of it.
Sunday June 18th Results. Strong winds with forecast thunderstorms did not deter four sailors from racing. Colin capsized a couple of times in the first race and decided not to finish so the others would not have to wait. But the second race was cancelled because a wall of rain came down just as it was getting underway. We didn't have the correct flags readily available so Calum carried on racing despite the heavy rain.
Wednesday June 14th Results. Sixteen boats turned out on a beautiful evening. The PRO working alone found it difficult to record the order of finishers and the times, but we hope these results are finally correct. Two ABC races with the wind from the ESE.
Sunday June 11th Results WELLINGTON CUP. Great Summer day had by all at the Club, especially the Racers, challenged by strong winds at times and artificial waves from other craft on and about the triangular course.
Turnout from Guelph was Leigh and Jean sailing their Snipe, lovely to race with you guys, sadly there were no other visitors.
Richard and Colin won the overall individual Cup and the Club won the Team Trophy by default as there were insufficient boats from the other Clubs.
Many Thanks to all the members that made things click on the day and made it a huge success for all that were there.
Wednesday June 7th Results. Richard, filling in for son Colin, set a simple fairly small ABC course as the winds were light. 14 boats participated on this pleasant warm evening, the largest fleet yet.
Sunday June 2nd Results.
Wednesday May 31st Results. Richard set an unusual course with the start and A buoy in a line parallel to and just off the shore, then round the island to starboard. Strong gusty winds but no upsets. Great conditions for the three cats. Well done Mike.
Sunday May 28th Results, revised. Thanks to Al Morgan and Alec Calder for stepping in to run the races. A beautiful afternoon. Races were ABCAC, ABC, then AB.

Calum rounding the C mark

Chris, Andy and Brian and Mike rounding the B mark

Wayfarer and Laser in close contention

Wednesday May 24th Results revised. Thanks to PRO Alec Calder.
Sunday May 21st races were cancelled by PRO Alec Calder as it was cool and rainy. Only one racer turned up (guess who) prepared to go out.
Wednesday 17th May Results corrected. Al Morgan was quick off the mark to set tonight`s race course which was braved by just four racers. All were on the edge. Well done guys - great to see you out there on such a warm and windy night, Cheers Brian.
Sunday 14th May races were cancelled as the weather was bad - 11 degrees and gusts up to 58kph.
Wednesday 9th May Results The first races of the 2017 season happened Wednesday Evening, 9th May, followed by a BBQ. Results have been corrected - Margaret didn't finish Race 2.

2016 Season

Here are the trophy winners for the 2016 season:
Commodore's Cup - Calum Macellar
Sunday Series - Al Sullivan and Jackie Stackelberg
Wednesday Series - Chris Zimmermann
Most Improved - Chris Shaw
Brian Searle - Paul Coppes
Here are the standings for the Wednesday and Sunday series. The positions now show the 10 best results so far for each sailor, as of the date of the last regatta.

Current Sunday Standings

Current Wednesday Standings

Sunday 11th September 2016. A good day again for sailing, even with the concrete ramp high and dry, the new dock high and dry and the black dock almost high and dry. Special thanks to all that helped with the launching and retrieving the boats from the water. It is getting tougher each time we sail now and the help is greatly appreciated. Many thanks also to Ed Hone for not only being the PRO for the day by setting and changing the course to keep us all on our toes – but also for timing the races such that we managed to get in four races, and to Paul Coppes for setting and retrieving the marks and going to the help of a couple of capsizes, each of whom rescued themselves. Lots of fun.

Wednesday September 7th 2016. Lots of fun sailing yesterday further enhanced by a corn roast courtesy of Chris Z, with corn provided by Alec C. Many thanks to all that contributed to the pot luck and the banter that followed the races. Thanks also to Michael Allore who was the Pro for the evening. He set a relatively short triangular course in 10kph or less winds. Three races were completed before we lost the light, and before the lightning became an issue. Note to all: We are well beyond the end of the concrete ramp which makes it tough to launch.

Boats being prepped before racing

Ready for the launch!

Enjoying the last corn roast of the season

Sunday September 4th. No racing as there was not enough wind.

Wednesday August 31st. A windy night with a PRO who insisted on keeping the scheduled start time. A mad dash by a number of boats was the order of the day. Lots of healthy sailing with a number of "almost capsizes" but none that actually happened. It was lots of fun. Some good conversations after the conclusion of the day's racing.

Sunday August 28th, COMMODORE'S CUP. Some good winds and summer temperatures for the Commodore’s Cup this year, with the usual suspects vying for the top spot. Many thanks to Al Morgan who kindly stepped in to run the races for the day. Commodore Ed Davis was on hand to congratulate the winners and to present the Cup to Calum MacKellar who squeaked out a victory from Al Sullivan by one point. Richard King, with crew Jacob Hone, rounded out the top three positions, congratulations all.
The racing was followed by the second annual BLSC Pig Roast for the whole club, and there were many non racers in attendance watching the racing and enjoying the day at the lake. Photos of the event may be seen in the Commodore's Cup Gallery. Special thanks to guests and others who brought wine and other desserts for all to share.

Wednesday August 24th 2016. It was a fun evening … the wind was in the 20+ kph range. There were three sailors who went swimming, Andy legitimately while sailing, and two others (B and M) who wish to remain anonymous as they slipped off their boats ignominiously while at the dock. The corn roast after the races was well attended and all seemed to enjoy the discussions after. Worthy of note is that there were four first place winners .. good to see that the competition is close. Many thanks to Terri for running the races, Chris and company for arranging the BBQ, Richard et al, for keeping us safe on the water and all that contributed to the evening activities.

Sunday 21st August 2016. A blustery day greeted us. Winds around the 30kph with gusts well into the 40+ kph range. Four brave souls were up to the challenge. Three finished. Many thanks to Chris Zimmerman assisted by Alec Calder who set the races. Special thanks to both who came out and helped Andy right the boat after capsizing at the first mark. (He got the lines wrapped round the mark but the mark wouldn't come along with him.)

Wednesday 17th August 2016. No racing due to the weather.

Sunday 14th August 2016.

Wednesday 10th August 2016. The temperature was high tonight, the wind speed low. Many thanks to Scott for being the PRO for the races and to Tony for assisting with the times. Also to Chris Z. for arranging the corn roast which was delightful.

Sunday 7th August 2016. Some close races looking at the corrected times .. good to see that the Y flyers are competitive as ever and that Calum is back racing. Special thanks to Al Sullivan for computing the results for the months of June and July and for being the PRO for the day’s racing. And from Al4, aka Madden, "What ya got to wonder about is How good is Reg Bunt? Just like magic he can make a tired old CL 16 go like crazy ! And all from the Crew position. What power."

Wednesday 3rd August 2016. No racing due to no wind.

Sunday 31st July 2016.

Wednesday 27th July 2016.

Sunday 24th July 2016. Many thanks to Chris Shaw for being the PRO for the day’s racing and to Al Morgan who assisted with setting of the buoys and retrieving them after the races were complete. It was fun. Fair winds to all.
See Fireball Post for pictures and write up of one of our own competing this weekend in Barrie.

Wednesday 20th July 2016. There was not much wind tonight. Thanks to Bill Schmidt for running the races. We only got two in as the wind died.

Blue Flag

Blue Flag - We're ready for the finishes

Along the finish line

Along the Finish Line

Sunday 17th July 2016 Thanks to Andy Blackmore for running the races. Another warm windy day with variable winds from the dam end of the lake. Today was designated to be Pursuit Races but none of the participants objected when the PRO asked if they'd be happy with our normal races.

Wednesday 13th July 2016 Thanks to Bill Downes for running the races. This was one of those rare nights where it was very warm and the winds were strong all evening. There were 12 boats on the water which is good for vacation season.

Sunday 10th July 2016. Steve Fisher (thanks Steve) was the PRO and he says: "The course was a windward leeward course with a 5-10 knt breeze from the North gusting to 12 ish! under sunny skies. We raced a twice around course the first race and shortened to once around for the subsequent races. Special thanks to Debbie And Sarah for helping me with starting and finishing. And also to Andy for helping me with the marks."

Wednesday 6th July 2016. Thanks to Barrie Abraham for running the races and to Al Morgan and Bill Schmidt for setting and retrieving the buoys. A lovely cool evening after a hot hot day in town with interesting winds.


Mike and Margaret in the Fireball

Mike Bibby ahead

Mike Bibby ahead

Sunday 3rd July 2016 Results. Thanks to Paul Coppes for stepping in to run the shore aspects of the races. Al Morgan, Margaret Hull and Al Sullivan set the course and retrieved the buoys. The winds were moderate but very changeable across the course. With an on shore wind the trees on the other side of the lake had a big impact on winds in front of the club, so there was a great deal of inconsistency across the course. This was coupled by changes in velocity from a high of 8-9 knots to 2-3 knots.

Wednesday 29th June 2016 Results. Thanks to Margaret for running a great evening of races. Winds were light to moderate and decreased over the evening.

Mike and Barrie in the Fireball at sunset

Fireball sailing at sunset

Sunday 26th June Results. Only six racers today for some reason - are people starting to take summer vacations? Thanks to Al Morgan who assumed the duties of PRO for the afternoon. Winds were fairly high and kept everyone busy, but although it was gusty, conditions were manageable.

Wednesday 22nd June Results - This was the evening of the longest daylight so we had a BBQ afterwards, thanks to Al S. See write up and pictures. Thanks to Jonathon for running the races and showing us the results on his laptop.

Sunday 19th June Results Thanks Al Madden for running the races.

Wednesday 15th June Results Thanks Alec Calder for running the races.

Sunday 12th June - this was the day of the Wellington Cup so there was no racing at the club. Here are the write up and pictures of the Wellington Cup.

Sunday 5th June and Wednesday 8th June - There was no sailing on either of these days due to poor weather. Only a few turned out for the Sail Past lunch which was disappointing, and the Sail Past itself was cancelled. Remember - no organised racing Sunday 12th June due to the Wellington Cup at Conestogo. Go Belwood Go.

Wednesday 1st June - A good turn out for a Wednesday night race.
Thanks to PROs Al Sullivan and new member Mike Bibby for setting the course for a Southerly 6-8km wind.

Sunday 29th May - Some good wind today with some that washed their sails … maybe more than once. The gybe around the second mark was entertaining from all reports.
Many thanks to Margaret Hull for pitching in as PRO and all that helped with putting out the buoys and taking them in after the races.

Wednesday 25th May - Only one race tonight … wind did not co-operate in the second race.
Good to see so many out on a Wednesday. Here are some photos taken by Chris Z.

Sunday 22nd May - The weather was perfect for the day's races. Winds were moderate, the water was not too cold … ask Bill Downes who dunked himself three times during the afternoon.
Good to see that there is good competition from the usual suspects and fun all around. The results speak for themselves.
Many thanks to Michael Allore for pitching in at short notice as the PRO for the day.

Note - Sunday May 15th and Wednesday May 18th races were cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

Wednesday 11th May - Many thanks to Richard King for stepping in at short notice to be the PRO for the day. Wishing you all fair winds for the 2016 sailing season at BLSC.

Note - Sunday May 8th races were cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

2015 Season

Here are the 2015 trophy winners:
Commodore's Cup - Richard and Colin King
Sunday Series - Calum MacKellar
Wednesday Series - Chris Zimmermann
Most Improved - Stan Elliotson
Brian Searle - Al Morgan
There are some photos of the trophy winners in the 2015 Fall AGM photo gallery.

Sunday 20th September - our final final racing of the 2015 season with a great turn out of 11 boats. It was a slow afternoon but we managed to fit in two races. These results have now been adjusted to correct Stan's time for the first race.

Wednesday 16th September. Read the post about the final Wednesday evening's racing and the super potluck we had afterwards. Also, here are a few photos for you to enjoy. And some more.

Sunday 13th September - Racing cancelled due to cold (13C), strong winds (20kts gusting to 25), and rain.

Wednesday 9th September - RESULTS. The forecast gusty weather didn't materialize. Michael set up a small ABC course towards the wider part of the lake, with a long leg back to the start/finish line. As we were losing light, we only had time for two races. REMEMBER - next Wednesday is the last evening racing and we are having a POTLUCK afterwards.

Sunday 6th September - RESULTS. A hot muggy day with moderate winds. Paul took lots of photos from the water.

Wednesday 2nd September - RESULTS.  Winds were light with only one race. Frances was out in her kayak and powered through the course ahead of the sailors. Congratulations Steve and Richard coming third in the first racing they have competed in this year.

Sunday 30th August. There were lots of boats out last Sunday for some great late summer racing in moderate winds and warm temperatures. We had a visitor, Harri Palm from the Guelph Community Boating Club, who brought his laser. Harri has won several of the Wellington Cup regattas in his Snipe with crew Molly, and has competed nationally and internationally in that boat. It was fun having you with us, Harri - come anytime!! Teach us to do roll tacks!! These are the RESULTS excluding our visitor, and it is these ones that will count towards the end of year club trophies.

Wednesday 26th August - RESULTS. It was cool with on and off drizzle and gusty winds but five boats decided to give it a go. Interestingly, while up at the race desk the temperature got down to 11 centigrade, down on the water (the lake level has decreased markedly) the water felt warm and the air temperature was not bad. PRO Al Madden set an ABC course which took over 30 minutes so only two races were fitted in before the light threatened to leave us. Thanks to Deb and Sarah for supplying the race committee with hot tea and warmer clothes.

Sunday 23rd August - RESULTS.  Our decision earlier in the year was to apply a handicap for sailing single-handed on a normally double-handed boat ONLY during competitions such as the Commodore’s Cup and Wellington Cup, but NOT in normal club races. This was our annual Commodore’s Cup, so the above handicap has been applied. Note that ties are now broken using standard ISAF rule A8. This was the Commodore's Cup regatta and we had a good turn out. For more on the social events, see the post to be added soon.

Wednesday 19th August - RESULTS

Sunday 16th August - RESULTS Thanks to Debbie and others for stepping in to run the races.

Wednesday 12th August RESULTS. It was a windy Wednesday evening of racing and paddling. It got quite cool as the NW wind didn't die off as it usually does as sunset approached.

Sunday 9th August RESULTS. Thanks Reg for stepping in as PRO, and to Debbie for helping.

Wednesday 5th August RESULTS

Sunday 2nd August - RESULTS, finally.  The weather must have been poor as only three boats took part. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Wednesday 29th July Results.

Sunday 26th July Results.

Wednesday 22nd July Results.

Sunday 19th July Pursuit Race Results

Wednesday 15th July 2015 Results.

Sunday 12th July 2015 Results. A rather slow day's racing, one race took almost an hour. Then while waiting for the second race to begin, a tragedy unfolded when Betty collapsed. Here are some photos from the afternoon. Betty is in several of them, in a blue Laser with a plain white sail. If you hover over each photo and read the pop up, there are captions.

Wednesday 8th July 2015. No racing reported.

Sunday 5th July 2015 Results. Congratulations to Chris Shaw who has only recently started racing with us for coming first today!!

Wednesday 1st July 2015 Results. Cool and gusty but a good turn out for Canada Day racing. Report from Margaret:

We had cool temperatures and strong gusty winds to cope with. The course set was after a suggestion from Richard, Scott's crew, to have 2 good tacking legs. Mark A was set directly into the wind off the point, mark B by the children's camp, and the start line mark doubled as C. The first two races were ABCA then finish downwind back through the start line. In the first race, several boats hadn't studied the course plan and rounded the C mark to port and so crossed the finish line backwards. All boats who did this realised after a while and refinished properly. The final race was just A and finish which brought the fleet back well before darkness. During the get-together afterwards, we saw some fireworks from the direction of Belwood but as it was rather cool, no one went down to the dock to view the display from Fergus. Thanks to Al Mo and Richard K for help once again with the marks. It was good to see Andy - nearly ready to rejoin the racing.

Sunday 28th June 2015 Results. A drizzly cool day with solid winds on the lake. Three boats ventured out.

Wednesday 24th June 2015 Results.    See post and pictures.

Sunday 21st June 2015 Results. Here's a verbal report mainly from Calum:

It was totally bizarre. Each of the four races was different. First you were tacking down to the dam then you were reaching then you were tacking back up.
The winds were very strong - 20kph with gusts up to 35. Only 5 boats went out. There were several capsizes but they all self rescued and carried on. We are still having trouble with the metal boat motor - it won't start - so Paul Coppes the PRO used the inflatable.

Wednesday 17th June 2015 Results - see Gallery for pictures. A record number of boats!!

Sunday 14th June - racing cancelled due to no wind, though the Sail Past event lunch went ahead successfully and was followed by the Commodore's Walk Past. For more information, see the Post and follow the gallery link there for pictures.

Wednesday 10th June Results    Photos

Sunday 7th June 2015, Wellington Cup in Guelph. The racing held at the club was for fun and will not be counted towards the year's results.

Wednesday 3rd June 2015 RESULTS

The wind was moderate but gusty from the south, i.e. off shore so PRO Betty laid an ABC course on the far side with a very long start/finish line perpendicular to the shore to make the most of where the wind was. This meant the race committee had to use binoculars to see which boat was finishing. It was a pleasant sunny evening with no mishaps except that Al S. helped rescue an earlier capsized boat that wouldn't right and so missed the first race. Teri used her new black spinnaker on the Topaz but we don't know what the handicap would be for that boat using a spin.

Sunday 31st May 2015 - cancelled due to cold, rain, high winds, you name it.

Wednesday 27th May 2015 - cancelled due to lightning and thunder

Sunday 24th May 2015 RESULTS

Wednesday 20th May 2015 RESULTS   See Gusty Evening post for write up.

Sunday 17th May 2015 RESULTS See lots of photos thanks to Paul L.

Wednesday 13th May 2015 Results

Sunday 10th May 2015 Results

We had our first day of racing this afternoon. Despite light winds early in the afternoon, the winds picked up and we completed three races in good (but fluctuating) wind! I noticed the third race had an incredibly close corrected time between Al Morgan and Stan Elliotson (only 0.02 seconds!)

For more information, contact the Race Captain.

2014 Overall Winners

Wednesday Night:

  1. Colin King
  2. Chris Zimmermann & Eric Irving
  3. Andy Blackmore

Sunday Series:

  1. Calum Mackellar
  2. Ed & Jacob Hone
  3. Richard & Colin King

Commodore's Cup

  1. Ed & Jacob Hone
  2. Richard & Colin King
  3. Warren Flannery & Frances Norlen

Junior Regatta

  1. Jacob Hone
  2. Liam Turchin
  3. Amanda Lee

Special thanks to Andy for being our fantastic Race Captain for the last two years.