Membership types

The following is from the BLSC Club Bylaws:

2.03        Membership Classes

  1. A Full Membership consists of a person 18 years of age or over or a family consisting of husband and/or wife and their dependents, if any, who launch and sail a craft from the club. Dependents are defined as the member’s children under 18, or under 22 if full time students.
  1. A Junior Membership is a person under 18 years of age, or under 22 and a full time student, who is not a dependent of a Full Member and who owns a craft, which is launched from the Club site. The membership for a Junior member shall be 50% of the fee for a Full Member.
  1. An Associate Membership is a person, regardless of age, who does not own a craft, which is launched from the Club site. The membership fee shall be 50% of the fee for a Full Membership. All new associate membership requests must be proposed at a meeting of the Club Directors.
  1. A Life Membership may be awarded at the discretion of the Club Directors as a reward for exemplary service to the Club. Life members are considered to be full members of the Club, with all rights and privileges, including the right to serve as a Director. Life Members pay no fee, and hold their membership for life. Criteria for Life Memberships are: age plus years of membership to be at least 90, and there should have been the performance of some extraordinary service to the Club. Life Members' link.

Fees are as follows for 2018:

Full Membership $230, Junior and Associate Membership $115


  • Early Bird fees apply up until and including Club Opening Date, for 2018 this is 5th May.
  • Full and Junior Membership fees entitle the member to one boat parking spot. Additional boat spots are $100 for one extra boat, $150 for all other extra boats per year. Canoes and/or kayaks may be kept at the club for $25 each per year.
  • Members are assigned a week in which do complete one assigned maintenance job. If the member does not wish or is unable to do this, they may pay an additional Maintenance Exemption Fee of $100.
  • New members joining later in the season are offered a discount of 25% after June 30th, 50% after July 31st, or 75% after August 31st.