Joining and Renewing

Welcome to BLSC. 2018 membership is not open yet, please return to this page later. First meeting of the year for signing up in person is April 22 at the Spring General Meeting.

  1. Download the fillable PDF and save it with a unique name to your computer (e.g. Smith family 2018 membership). Then fill it in and print - this greatly helps our membership captain as there is no misreading of handwriting
  2. Bring it to our Spring meeting on April 22, 2-4 pm at the Guelph West End Rec Centre or bring the printed form to the Club Opening 9am - Noon on April 28. (Also be ready to help open the club.)
  3. Mail us the completed form to:
    • BLSC
      PO Box 1572 Guelph,
      ON N1H 6R7
    • AND if this is a new membership email us letting us know to expect your membership and so we a can set up a time to give you a key, boat sticker and tour. NOTE - you cannot bring a boat to leave at the club before you have paid for a membership, obtained your key and ID number and been allocated a boat parking space.

Membership in 2018 is $230.00 per year, less for those who joined or renewed before the Early Bird date which is April 28, and less for new members who joined later in the season. This was the same as 2016 and 2017. You can store your boat all rigged and ready to go. The only restrictions are that we only allow sailboats, canoes and kayaks and they must be 21 feet or less in length (this is, after all, a small boat club).

Once you have joined or renewed you will be given a job and a maintenance week. To see the Task Assignments and the Task Descriptions, click here.