Sailing Season Member Task Assignments

NOTE: If you cannot perform the allocated task in the week assigned, it is up to you to change with someone else and let the Membership Captain know.

Task &  Description

  1. Washroom and Kitchen
    Clean kitchen, including fridges, stove and counter. Clean the ping pong area Clean both washrooms including toilets and sinks
  2. Grass: Non‐Lakeside
    Cut grass from the club gate to the clubhouse (the side away from the lake) behind the clubhouse and the canoe shed and back to the clubhouse. Weed whack around trees, posts, buildings, etc.
  3. Sweep Buildings
    Sweep and wash clubhouse floors including washrooms. Tidy and sweep both garages, canoe shed and locker/storage room at the back of the clubhouse
  4. Grass Lakeside
    Cut grass from lakeside of clubhouse to the club property line by the front gate Weed whack around trees, posts, buildings, etc.
  5. Towels and Garbage
    Site garbage pickup, tidy supply room, replace the used towels in the kitchen and washroom. Wash towels at home. Fill soap and toilet rolls. Clean picnic tables and chairs (especially the bird droppings). Take home any garbage.