How the Club works

Self-Help Club

Belwood Lake Sailing Club is a self-help club, meaning that all members are expected to pitch in with tasks, with a few exceptions such as Life members and those incapacitated. There are two major work parties each year to which all members are encouraged to attend - the Club Opening and Club Closing. These events are also social occasions where refreshments are available and a lunch in served. Members are also encouraged to serve on the executive or other ad hoc committees when asked, and there are many opportunities to volunteer for building/renovating etc. work parties as they are organised. To keep the maintenance of the club in good order, each member is assigned one job and a week in which to do it - this might be grass cutting, clubhouse cleaning, etc. For a list of the Task Descriptions, click here.


Clubhouse - Directly in front of the driveway into the club is the clubhouse where there are washrooms, kitchen, ping pong table, and a good sized gathering area for meetings and social occasions. There is a ramp for wheelchair access and a spacious deck on the lakeside. The section of the clubhouse away from the lake is a storage and workshop room (see below), and also has a curtained off change area for men. At the rear of the clubhouse is the tile bed which a roped off as a reminder that it should not be driven over. The clubhouse is stocked with toilet paper, garbage bags, plates etc. and cutlery, etc. etc. If anything is low or out of stock altogether either write it on the Supply Whiteboard which is on the wall near the stove, or contact the Supply Captain.

Docks - There are two docks. The ramp dock is for launching. Once your boat is in the water, please move it to the other, mooring, dock as soon as possible to leave the ramp available for other to launch or haul out.

Garages - There are two garages next to each other on the left after turning into the field. They are used to store the committee/safety boats, lawn mowers, racing equipment, etc. The one nearer the lake has an emergency telephone, see below.

Canoe Shed - Behind the clubhouse is a shed where canoes and kayaks can be stored. There is limited space here, other canoes and kayaks should be stored at the south end of the tile bed.

BBQs - There are two propane BBQs next to the clubhouse deck which may be used by members. Brush them off well after use, and report any problems including no propane to the Maintenance Captain.

Parking - The main parking is to the left of the driveway into the club, and there is also some room up by the clubhouse. Members may also park near their boats if there is room without blocking access. Parking along the lakeshore is discouraged.

Lockers - There are lockers in the clubhouse storage room which are used by members on a first-come first-serve basis. See below for general storage guidelines.

Picnic Tables - There are many picnic tables scattered around the picnic area between the clubhouse and the lake. Trees provide good shade in this area.

Play Equipment - Swings and a sand box under the trees in the picnic area. There will also be a pirate ship to play in!!

First Aid Kit - A fully stocked first aid kit is kept in the clubhouse for emergencies. If you use any of the supplies, please note it in the Supply Booklet so they can be replenished.

Telephone - There is a telephone in the garage closer to the lake, but just for calling 911. Contact and direction information for local Emergency Services are posted by the telephone and also in the clubhouse by the first aid kit. There is cell phone service available at the clubsite.


Keys - Upon joining each member is issued a club key. This opens the gate lock, the clubhouse main part and storage area, canoe shed, and both garages. Keep this key safe as there is a charge for replacements. [link to request for key] Every few years the locks are rekeyed and every member is issued a new key.

Camping - Members may camp in the field and behind the clubhouse (not on the roped off tile bed though!) for short periods at any time. For more details see the Membership Handbook.

Picnics - There are many picnic tables available in a lovely partly shaded area alongside the lake where the goings-on on the water can be easily viewed. There are two BBQs available by the clubhouse.

Storing your PossessionsSTORAGE ROOM GUIDELINES

  • You may only store your belongings in the rafters or in a locker. Please do not store anything on top of the lockers.
  • Do not store personal items that are not boat related like lawn chairs or bicycles in the storage area, or large items like dollies or canoes.
  • You may store long and thin items like mast, booms or spinnaker poles and paddles neatly in the rafters. ALL items MUST be higher that 6ft 6in from the floor. Smaller masts, booms and spinnaker poles and paddles maybe stored in the racking on the bottom shelves. Please make sure that each item is clearly marked with your name. Sails that are rolled up are to be stored in builder tubes in the racking.
  • Lockers must be identified with a label showing your name. Lockers without names on them will be opened and the contents could get thrown out.
  • All life jackets, tarps, bumpers and sails in bags must be stored in lockers.

If you have any questions or you find something that needs fixing that you can't fix yourself, contact the Maintenance Captain

Garbage - Take your garbage home with you as we have no municipal pick up.

Pets - Must be kept under control and leashed at all times. Clean up any droppings.

Visitors - Friends and extended family are welcome at any time. After two or three visits though, we would expect the non member to join the club. If a member wishes to hold a family or other group event at the club site, he or she should fill out a Request for Group Visit form and get it signed by the VC Fleet Captain, if he/she approves. The event will be listed in our schedule.