Life Members

Life Membership is bestowed on members who have:

  • a combined age and years of membership over 90, and
  • done exemplary work for the club.
  • Life Members pay no membership or boat fees, are not obliged to perform club maintenance, and yet may serve as a director of the club. Official details of Life Membership maybe found in the Bylaws, section 2.03.4. More stories about the Life Members can be found Here.

    The following have been made Life Members:

  • Leonard Ernest Hull 1913 - 1991
  • Len Hull

    Len was one of the original members of the club when it was formed in 1974. Although never an executive member, he spent many hours at the clubsite keeping the grounds tidy, cutting bushes back, trimming trees etc. He was given a plaque for good service in 1983 and made a life member in 1985. He had only been sailing a few years when he joined the club, being taught by his new-to-Canada daughter-in-law Margaret. He also devoured How-To-Sail books and became a very competent sailor although he never took part in the racing program. His good friend Joan Ledingham (still alive at 102 years old in 2018) crewed for him. He and his wife Sybil spent much time at the club, picnicking and enjoying the grounds. Sybil used to pick the apples and choke cherries to be found round the site, and she'd then make sauce and jam from them. She also was a wonderful babysitter of the grandchildren when Margaret and Dave were out on the water. Len first sailed a Kolibri then moved to a Spindrift. Surgery forced him to give up sailing later in life but he still spent much time at the club.

  • Joseph Davis (d. 2016)

  • Joe and Betty Davis joined in 1975, and Joe was involved in almost all aspects of the club from the beginning, joining the executive in 1977 as Member At Large, serving as VC Fleet in 82 and 83, and VC Facilities in 97 and 98, and becoming Commodore in 1984 for a two year term. His legacy will live on in our Constitution and Bylaws which he wrote in 1977, and he subsequently steered the club through the incorporation process. For many years he supervised the dock haul out and spring launch, always took the boat motors home at the end of the season to overhaul them, and for years undertook the water system winterizing. He even became Commodore again in 2000 at a time when it was difficult to find anyone with the necessary background to lead the club. Joe was made a Life Member in 2000. Before the club formed, he had sailed with a group on Belwood Lake who met at a site near the dam on the north side. He sailed a catamaran then a Wayfarer and took part in the racing program. He introduced a scheme whereby we could calculate club handicaps but it involved lots of figuring and lots of heated discussion so it was never used and we returned to the Portsmouth handicap numbers. Joe sailed as long as he could and after it became difficult, he and his wife Betty continued to come to the club to watch the racing.

  • Derek and Audrey Street
  • Al and Olwen Morgan
  • George and Joan Bowman