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Photos on the website have been submitted by many different people and it is generally not possible to individually credit each photo. Many thanks to ALL our photographers, among whom are: Andy, Jackie, Chris, Frances, Stan, Patrick, Debbie, Margaret, Als 3 and 4, Brittany. Apologies if your name isn't here.

  • DSC_0090

    Racing Wed 17 June 2015

    Mild winds and temperatures brought out a record number of boats. There were three CL14s!!


  • DSCN5244

    Sail Past 2015

    Here are pictures of members enjoying the super lunch and Commodore Debbie inspecting the boats on land instead of on…


  • Wellington Cup 2015 @ GCBC

    Wellington Cup 2015 @ GCBC

    Download a complete zipfile of the images from google+:


  • New Launching Dock May 2015

    New Launching Dock May 2015

    After approval at the 2015 Spring AGM, the club lost no time in ordering and floating our new launching dock.


  • Opening Work Party 2015

    Opening Work Party 2015

    25th April 2015 started out cool but sunny. The water had been turned on the previous week, but Thursday night…