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Photos on the website have been submitted by many different people and it is generally not possible to individually credit each photo. Many thanks to ALL our photographers, among whom are: Andy, Jackie, Chris, Frances, Stan, Patrick, Debbie, Margaret, Als 3 and 4, Brittany. Apologies if your name isn't here.

  • Sailing01

    Opening Work Party 2016

    We have here great pictures of putting the docks in (last time this laborious way for the Black Dock promises…


  • IMG_20160327_162820

    2016 March Storm

    All the branches have been cleared up since these photos were taken, presumably by the GRCA as no-one has come…


  • DSCN5815

    Fall 2015 AGM

    The photos show, in order: Richard and Colin King, winners of the Commodore's Cup, with Race Captain Warren and Commodore…


  • !cid_2D6EFEB1-2EBF-453D-859D-F707375F49D5

    More Photos from the Last Wednesday̵

    These photos were taken by Brittany.


  • IMG_20150916_184911

    Last Wednesday Racing 2015

    The summer is slipping away as the Wed evening races wrapped up this week with warm weather and a light…


  • DSC03540

    Sunday 6th September

    About 15km/hr winds with only a few gusts on a hot muggy late summer day brought 10 boats out to the…


  • IMG_5221

    Cruise to Belwood 1st July 2015

    Six boats and 12 or more people went on the Canada Day Cruise to the village of Belwood, about 7…


  • Cats racing in light airs 1

    Light Air Racing 2 Sep 2015

    A very light air evening, but it still makes for some pretty pictures.


  • 01-And they're off

    Racing Sunday July 12th 2015

    Photos taken from the water by Denis Neumann. Several feature Betty Roggie during her last race. She can be seen…