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Photos on the website have been submitted by many different people and it is generally not possible to individually credit each photo. Many thanks to ALL our photographers, among whom are: Andy, Jackie, Chris, Frances, Stan, Patrick, Debbie, Margaret, Als 3 and 4, Brittany. Apologies if your name isn't here.

  • IMG_1887

    Closing 2018

    Much work was done but not completed. Members were called back for a second day.


  • 254A2786

    Comm. Cup 2018

    Winners and other participants in the 2018 Commodore's Cup Races


  • IMG_0191

    Racing 11th July 2018

    Photos taken by Jonathan Molyneaux of the July 11th 2018 racing evening.


  • IMG_1680

    2018 Opening Work Party 28 April

    Some of these are duplicated.


  • 254A0968

    Commodore’s Cup 27th August 2017

    Enjoy these pictures of the happy crowd and of the winners being congratulated by Commodore Ed. Thanks to Andy Blackmore…


  • DSC_0026 500x

    Rest of the photos from 27 February 2017

    All is calm, all is bright. We'll soon be sailing.


  • DSC_0022 500x

    Photos taken 27 Feb 2017

    A few more photos from Alec.