Potluck Followed Last Wednesday Racing

Wednesday 16th September was our last scheduled Wednesday racing evening. The light is fast leaving us (the sun set at 7:30 pm) and the ramp is getting longer and longer, though so far we haven't come to the end of it so boats can still be launched without vehicles getting stuck in the mud.

PRO Andy set a regular ABC course and managed to fit in two races though not everyone completed the second one as the wind, mild even to start with, was declining noticeably.

Chris Z had suggested that, as the weather was forecast to be warm and sunny (and it was - they were right), we should celebrate the final evening's racing with a potluck. We think this may have been the cause of the good turn out - 14 boats - as we all love a potluck!! There was BBQ'd corn, hot dogs, cheese, salads, and one healthy and one chocolaty dessert. A nice way to end the season of evening racing - there is still one Sunday afternoon to come.

Note the photo is from last Wednesday, but it will do for now.

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