Opening Work Party 2015

25th April 2015 started out cool but sunny. The water had been turned on the previous week, but Thursday night the temperature had gone below zero which unfortunately had frozen some of the water pipes. Paul and Paul soon got them open so we could use the sinks and flush the toilets.

Everyone soon got to work - it's amazing how things get done at these work parties with little or no organizing. A new member commented that he was very impressed by the organization and couldn't believe that there really wasn't any!! It was suggested to any newcomer that they look around to see what they would like to help with, and just get stuck into it. That seems to work - members raked, picked up wagon loads of leaves, chipped cut down brush, put the dock in (only the long, mooring dock as we are awaiting a new dock for launching), spread out the picnic tables, cleaned the club house, and prepared and cleared away the lunch which was chili (meat and vegetarian, both delicious) brought by Patrick and salads, desserts etc. brought by everyone else. Frank took several memberships (Jackie had to run home and print some more forms off!!) as it was the last date for the Early Bird rates.

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  1. looks great much more to look at looking forward to good sailing this year
    • Margaret Hull
      Hi Al You narrowly missed winning the prize, but Elke Lingen got there first. Thanks for your approval!!

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