First Aid Session

First Aid Session
Several club members took advantage of a First Aid Information Session arranged by the club and held Sunday 28th May 2017 from 10am to noon in the clubhouse. Johanna Moloughney, a certified Red Cross instructor and club member, led the group through the steps that should be taken when coming across a non responsive person. We were told to check A - Airway, B - Breathing and C - Circulation. When calling 911, use the ground address of the club which is: 961 Ninth Street, County Road 18, Fergus. We had demonstrations of chest compressions on manikins, and of adding oxygen to the body via mouth breathing which should be done with a face shield (our First Aid Kit contains a face shield). Finally we were shown how a defibrillator works - simple voice commands lead the user through the steps. There was discussion about whether the club should acquire a defibrillator (or AED) with most agreeing we should.

Wrap Up and BBQ
Johanna did a great job and we thank her for giving us the workshop.
After the session, Commodore Ed cooked up a BBQ for everyone (thanks Ed).

Do you know where the club's first aid kit is????
Look in the kitchen for the sign on the wall - the kit is in a top drawer. If you use anything from the kit that needs replacing, write it on the Supplies Needed list hanging up on the kitchen wall.

Commodore Ed thanks Johanna for giving the workshop

Glenna practising chest compressions on a manikin

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