2018 Fall AGM

The 2018 Fall General Meeting was held on 21st October (Trafalgar Day, when Nelson beat the French at Trafalgar in 1805 but died in the sea battle) at the usual West End Recreational Centre in Guelph.

Reports were received, highlights as follows:

  • Jim Carroll thanked the club for all the support shown since his brother-in-law's accident. Brian is recovering well in Hamilton and would like visits
  • Jim presented Life Memberships in the club to three people: Margaret and Dave Hull, and Al Sullivan. Read more on the Life Members page

    Al S and Margaret in Hobie 18

  • The black dock ramp is to be widened. The long term plan is to replace the black dock with an EZ dock system similar to the launching dock.
  • The treasurer's report was presented, and the pro-tem budget approved. For information please contact Treasurer Perry.
  • Membership sits at 154 families. We are full for boat parking except for 3 laser spots and one kayak/canoe rack spot.
  • The racing awards were presented. Please see Racing Results for details.
  • Ann was thanked for her many years as Supply Captain
  • Past Commodore Ed commended the executive, particularly Commodore Denis and Secretary Shelley, for their fine work this year. Also Frances for all the organising she has done.
  • Other Business:

  • A new fee schedule was discussed and passed, raising most fees by 9%. Fees have not been raised since 2011
  • The prorated membership fees by which you can join after June 30th etc. for less were struck off the Bylaws (bylaw 2.07) by counted vote
  • Al Sullivan announced the slate of nominees put forward by the nominating committee. All positions from the previous year would stand again except for new nominations of - VC Fleet Bruce Morette, VC Facilities John Hansen, Supply Emilia Morelli. There being no further nominations from the floor, the slate was accepted.

    Commodore Denis welcomes Bruce Morette to the 2019 executive

  • Al Sullivan updated the club on the University of Guelph sailing team. They had participated in several across Ontario regattas, and in a few of our races, but other events like a fund raiser and holding a regatta here did not occur. It is hoped next year will be better. There are students who have training credentials and we could put new members in touch with them.
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