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Cruising and Paddling Mondays

Monday night July 4th 2016 saw great weather for sailing and paddling so four members and their families were out enjoying the sun in their sailboats. A Siren owner was participating in his first Monday night cruise, made possible by his retirement the previous Thursday (June 30). What a great way to celebrate the first…
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Wine and Cheese Fun

The Wine and Cheese evening on Saturday 25th June promised to be a great social time, but disappointingly there were only about a dozen turned out. The weather was great and the small but friendly group gathered on the deck for the fabulous spread that Patrick and wife Terri put out. There were many different…
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Cruising Mondays off to Great Start

The first couple of Mondays had to be cancelled due to poor weather, but on Monday June 20th five cruising boats filled with happy families set off for an enjoyable cruise of the lake. Anyone can join in - meet ready to cast off at 6:00pm every Monday - contact Patrick Ney for more information.…
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