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Club Closing 26 September 2015

Though not as many members as usual turned up for the club closing, all the work got done in good time and a BBQ lunch was enjoyed by all thanks to Patrick.
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Potluck Followed Last Wednesday Racing

Wednesday 16th September was our last scheduled Wednesday racing evening. The light is fast leaving us (the sun set at 7:30 pm) and the ramp is getting longer and longer, though so far we haven't come to the end of it so boats can still be launched without vehicles getting stuck in the mud. PRO…
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Cruise to Belwood July 1st 2015

‎Six boats and 12 or more people went on the Canada Day Cruise to the village of Belwood, about 7 km up the lake. The fleet made it back at about 4:30 after feasting on ice cream, butter tarts and french fries at the café. It was a tad brisk and cool but a good time…
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