Boat, Canoe & Trailer Parking Guidelines

There are seven parking areas for different sizes and types of boats

  1. Area A – small boats, stored with the mast down e.g. Laser, Sunfish, Invitation, Byte
  2. Area B – boats under 14 ft e.g. Mirror, with mast up
  3. Area C – dinghies 14 ft to 17 ft e.g. Wayfarer, CL16, Fireball, 470, Laser II, Albacore
  4. Area D – catamarans all lengths
  5. Area E – cruisers, all lengths – any boat with a weighted keel/centreboard.
  6. Area F – dinghies over 17 ft e.g. Y Flyer, Buccaneer
  7. Area G – inactive boats relocated by the executive.
  8. Area H – canoes and kayaks

Map showing parking locations for boat, canoe and trailers.

(Please note that there is now another section in the middle of the field. It is not known what type of boats it is designated for. The map above will be updated in due course to show the changes.)
Each parking spot is marked with a colour coded concrete paver and the spot number.

The parking plan has been designed to provide extra spaces within each area to allow for new members or additional boats - there may be marked spots that do not contain boats. The size and location of the parking areas may be adjusted by the executive to suit the numbers and types of boats parked by members. The executive may relocate boats after providing written notice in accordance with by-law 10.06.

Once a parking spot has been allocated, that spot is reserved as long as the member remains in good standing. If a boat is removed during the winter the same spot is reserved for the next year. If the membership fee is not paid by 31 May that spot is no longer reserved and may be re-allocated to, or reserved by, another member.

The middle of each boat should be aligned with the concrete paver on the centre line of each parking spot. Please leave the paver at the back of each parking spot. Do not move or stand your trailer on the paver – you may break it.

Members who park more than one boat at the club have the option of keeping their boats together, in adjacent spots, in the area for their largest boat e.g. if you have a cruiser and a Laser you may keep the Laser next to the cruiser in area E.  If there are no adjacent spots available, the boats must be parked in their own areas. Area D to the north of the driveway is reserved for catamarans only.

Please make sure that all boats, canoes and kayaks have your club ID number on the stern. The membership captain provides self-adhesive vinyl numbers and they are also normally in an envelope pinned to the notice board in the clubhouse. Please change the number to your own ID if you buy a boat that is already registered at the club.

Trailers may not be assigned a separate parking spot. If you keep your boat on a dolly then please take your trailer home. You may keep the trailer for a boat parked at the club behind the boat in the same spot if there is room without interfering with access to other boats.

With the construction of 4 outdoor racks all canoes and kayaks must be stored on a rack: they are not to be on the lawn or behind/beside a sailboat.  Members who have a canoe/kayak space inside the boat house retain that spot as long as they are members in good standing. Members are reminded to register their canoe/kayak with the membership captain, ensure a membership ID number is attached, and that there is a $25 canoe/kayak parking fee.  The executive retains the right to move canoes/kayaks left on the ground to a rack in order to keep the grounds clear for grass cutting and maintenance.

Personal belongings and boat supplies must be stored in your boat or in a locker in the storage room. Please do not store these items next to your boat.

The membership captain administers the parking plan. New members will be assigned a parking spot according to these guidelines.