Intro to Racing JUNE 2ND

Intro to Racing Day Sunday June 2 at 10 am

On Sunday June 2 Colin King, the Race Captain, will be running an "Intro to Racing" session starting at 10am. (It was postponed from May 12th due to the poor weather forecast.) This session is to encourage members who are not racers to come and learn how to hoist the signal flags and time a race so that the club can have more volunteers on shore to help run races. It's also to encourage new to racing members to try a race on Sunday in a low key, fun way. Members can sail their own boat or go with an experienced racer in their boat to learn about the basics of racing. The goal is to build the number of racing volunteers as well as racers on the water. Members can choose to do either session or both. There will be a BBQ after the fun practice races at about 4-4:30 pm Sunday. No experience is required to learn about helping run a race or try racing.

A reminder that race duty now is one of the four membership participation tasks so members can pick a day to run races and not have to clean the grounds, facilities or clubhouse. The club runs participation races each Wed at 6:30 pm and Sunday at 2 pm for about 2 hours. To run the club's boats members must have a PCOC (pleasure craft operators card). Information about how to obtain your PCOC will be at the session. Members who volunteer to be on shore timing and using the flags do not need a PCOC.

Come learn about racing Sunday June 2 and enjoy a great BBQ!

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